Privacy Notice on the Protection of Personal Data

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (“the Company”) value the importance of personal data of data downloader and those who use “Contact Us” service on the Company’s website (hereinafter called “You”), and data subject’s rights on the protection of collection, storage, use and disclosure (“Data Processing”) of personal data, particularly the processed personal data. We therefore establish this Privacy Notice to inform and enable you to understand the objective and procedure of Data Processing as follows

Personal Data to be Collected, Used, and Disclosed

The Company will collect, use, and disclose the following Personal Data

1. Name and surname

2. Email address

Objectives and Legal Basis for Data Processing


1. To download data from

2. To affirm personal identity when filling up Contact Us Form.

Legal basis

The Company will collect, use, and disclose your personal data, based on the legal basis of legitimate interest.

Sources of Personal Data

The Company directly obtains your personal data from various online service processes on the Company's website including the Download Data Form and Contact Us Form.

Personal Data Processing

When personal data has been obtained from the source of the personal data, the Company will process it as follows

1. Collection- Personal data is collected from online forms for services on

2. Use - The Company uses your personal data to grant access for the above purposes.

3. Disclosure - Your personal data will be disclosed to only the relevant units in the Company and other internal divisions that need such data. The Company will not share or disclose your personal data to unrelated parties or non-affiliated companies unless the Company

  • Obtains your consent,
  • Discloses to external service providers either located in Thailand and/or abroad, including IT development service providers and Cloud computing service providers. The Company will have a signed agreement with the external service providers to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data as stated in contracts they signed with the Company.
  • Discloses personal data as permitted by law or by order of relevant government authorities and/or regulators.

Storage and Retention of Personal Data

The Company keeps your personal data in electronic format as part of the Company's website database. The personal data will be retained throughout the period that is necessary for the above purposes unless it is otherwise specified by law or the Company still has the right or can rely on the legal bases for processing of your personal data. The Company will proceed to delete/destroy the personal data within 60 days after the expiration of the afore-mentioned period.

Rights of Data Subject

You can read details of data subject’s rights from the  ‘Personal Data Protection Policy’  which is published on the Company’s website.

Contact Information

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