PTTEP Reforestation Project wins International Green Apple Awards in the UK

20 Nov 2023

On November 20,2023 PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) led by Nopasit Chaiwanakupt (Left), Acting Executive Vice President for Technology, Carbon Solutions, and Sustainable Growth Group received the International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice 2023 in the Environmental Improvement category with Gold level from the Green Organisation, for the PTTEP Reforestation Project. The award ceremony was organized in London, the United Kingdom.

PTTEP has implemented PTTEP Reforestation Project since 2013, which helps absorb approximately 446,500 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to around 42 million of tree planting to help minimize global warming impacts.

The Green Apple Environment Awards is organized by The Green Organization, an international, independent and non-profit organization. The award recognizes organizations that have significantly enhanced and promoted environmental best practices around the world.