Sustainable Ocean Health and Blue Carbon Solutions

Application of underwater camera & AI software for aquatic animal identification under petroleum platforms in the GoT



PTTEP initiated the underwater camera installation and  Artificial Intelligence (AI) software development project together with AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited (ARV), for the identification of aquatic iconic animals underneath offshore petroleum platforms in the Gulf of Thailand to promote and support national efforts on aquatic species conservation, to increase their population and survival rate.  

Currently, 2 underwater cameras have been installed at the jacket leg of our offshore petroleum platforms, As well the software is being developed to identify and classify an aquatic iconic animal. At present, 7 aquatic animals, such as fish, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, and sea lions with 7 aquatic animal species, can be identified. with 85% accurately recognized. This also helps in marine biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring around PTTEP’s offshore petroleum platforms. This is in line with PTTEP’s commitment to operate in a cleaner and more friendly environment.

At present, PTTEP continues to extend the development of the project to:

1)  Expand the installation of underwater cameras to other PTTEP offshore petroleum platforms.

2) Improve AI software to identify more aquatic animal species and create more accuracy including increasing the ability to count the amount of each species found.

3) Enhance the collaboration with government agencies such as the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) in the development of Thailand's aquatic iconic animals conservation plan. To create sustainable ocean which is considered as PTTEP’s second home that we need to safeguard, preserve, and protect for our future generations.